Saturday, December 29, 2012

Facebook Friends

I have a lot more women friends on Facebook than men. I feel a bit embarrassed by how disparate the difference, as if I'm some sort of love and leave them sort (this from a guy who's never managed to get them in the first place). I guess I'm just too nice a guy to have a gal take an interest in me as more than friends. Here's the breakdown:
Different parts of my life render different levels of Facebook friends. The church friends are probably where a large chunk of the women tally up (and I guess I did try lamely to date some share of them). Then again, so would work be largely female, since I work in a profession that is dominated by women (about 70 percent of my coworkers are women). And even my relatives--I have only one male cousin. I'm surprised by how many high school acquaintances I'm connected with versus grad school; I made no lasting undergrad friends. Local friends take up a large share; I wonder how much of that is a testament to how much I like where I live and how comfortable I am in this setting versus how much of that is simply a result of where I am/was living when Facebook came into being (that is, would I have more Texas friends if Facebook had come into being when I was living there?).

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