Saturday, December 15, 2012

Emails Received versus Sent in October

Back in 1999, when I first got online at home, one thing I looked forward to was possibly meeting women to date, since I was never very good at doing this in real life. The first few months proved more frustrating than imagined--plenty of correspondents but few I was attracted to. I gave up, and then one gal showed up who became a friend for a few years, though we weren't compatible for dating. Over the course of the next year, my communication with potential dates grew, until, again, I got frustrated not so much with lack of attraction but with the lack of compatibility.

Online communication never did turn into much more than just that since then. And I've backed away from doing as much of it as I used to, while e-mail itself has been replaced by Facebook and other things that I don't use much of (I'm old school and stick to e-mail largely).

I decided to look at what kind of communication I do via personal e-mail. Interestingly, I do largely communicate mostly with women, as is evidenced by the following graph. And I send more personal e-mail than I receive.

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