Saturday, January 5, 2013

Movies Seen per Year

I haven't been seeing a lot of films lately, at least not in the theater, and now, I notice, not even on video. Reasons? There are probably many--lack of time being one. But another is how much films in the theater cost (too much, in my view). And still another is probably my switch, this year, to DSL, which now allows me to stream stuff--I end up watching stupid random stuff online (TV shows, home cat videos, skits, speeches, vlogs) and sometimes the occasional movie (without even venturing to the video store). Here's how the number of films each year stacks up:
The 2011 total for theater movies went up as high as it did mostly because of the return of the French film festival to campus--probably the last one we'll have, since the professor sponsoring it was tired of doing it. Cheap foreign movies--it was great. The theater movies total this year was zero until the fall, when my friend Al started asking me to accompany him to a few films.

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