Saturday, January 19, 2013

Authors I've Read the Most Books By

This list is somewhat unscientific, as I don't have a way to track books I've read more than fifteen years ago, except by memory. So I looked at authors on my shelf, thought a bit about authors missing from my shelf, looked at the works on their various "also by" lists and came up with the following. This lists only those authors who I've read more than five books by. (Apologies to authors of only four books, such as Salinger and Hemphill and West--I've read all I can. Apologies also to a few fine writers who come close such as Richard Ford, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Milan Kundera, Jay McInerney, Kate Braverman, and Julio Cortazar. And finally, apologies to screenwriters playwrights, such as Sam Shepard and Woody Allen--I've read three collections of Shepard's plays, as well as a screenplay, but in the end, I wasn't sure whether to consider the collection as a book or each individual play as a book; I went with the former; with Allen, I've read three screenplays, in one bound volume, and his three books of "stories.")

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