Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shirts by Color

My favorite color, I believe, must be blue, since it seems to be the color that dominates my wardrobe--or at least the button-down shirts in my wardrobe--as shown in the following chart:
Or perhaps a bar chart, where I can select the colors would be more expressive:

Of course, the chart could be broken down slightly differently. For "white patterned" I counted any shirt that was primarily white. Hence, a shirt with blue stripes was blue if the stripes made up 50 percent or more of the shirt, whereas if the stripes made up less than 50 percent of the shirt's color, then the shirt was counted as "white patterned." I suppose one could also conclude that white is my favorite color, but that is more a default safe choice for semiformal occasions. I try to have enough of those button-downs around to last me a week, were it ever to be necessary.

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