Saturday, March 16, 2013

Favorite Book of the Year

Each year since graduating from college, I've chosen a favorite book of the year in three categories (novel, story collection, nonfiction) and then a single favorite overall. How it breaks down follows. I was surprised by how many story collections there are compared with the other types of books--I do love story collections; it should also be noted, however, that most of those collections were chosen in the years very soon after graduate school. In more recent years, nonfiction seems to more often come out on top. I was also surprised by how many women authors wrote my favorite book of each year; there are still significantly more men, but I'd have thought the numbers would have been even more skewed, since the number of books I read by men seems to be fairly skewed--and probably to an even greater proportion (I see another chart in the making). Anyway, here are the charts:

By Type of Book

By Author's Gender

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