Saturday, November 3, 2012

Distance Walked Each Week

According to Google maps, my current walk to work is 0.9 miles. My previous walk to work was 4.0 miles. I took the bus three days a week and walked home, meaning that I walked twelve miles per week. Now, I don't take the bus at all and walk all five days of the week both ways. The walk to the bus itself was a mile, so really that was five miles of walk each day I did so back at my previous office location. Never mind the explanations; here's the chart:
Looks like I'm walking significantly less per week than previously. Five to ten miles is still good for you according to something I read recently, but not as good as fifteen.

However, since I no longer walk as far, I've upped my other exercise, which usually consists of two miles of running or four miles of stationary biking four days a week (whereas previously I did this only one day per week). Add in these miles (assuming I split the biking and running evenly), and the mileage covered is actually a bit more now:
Of course, I walk at other times too, but I consider the walk to/from work as the most significant and steady.

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