Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rejections by September 13

As I write this on September 13 (though I obviously posted it much later), I have received three rejections slips since September 1, the start of the submission season. That's out of thirty-nine separate submissions. I wanted to look at how many rejections I've received by this time in previous years.

It's a bit unfair to compare anything before 2008 since before than I submitted only by snail mail and only about seven pieces at a time (whereas now I submit about forty pieces at a time, and many of those via the Web). From 1988, when I first started submitting writing to journals (much too early, for I wasn't any good then), to 2007, I only received a single rejection by September 13 seven times in those nineteen years.

The year 2008 is when I started submitting online and from a much wider selection of my writing. Here's how many rejections I've had by this time in each year:
I must have been quite bummed at this time in 2009, but as I recall, it ended up being a banner year in terms of acceptances.

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