Saturday, November 26, 2011

Music Minutes by Year

I wrote a bit of poetry when I was in high school, but my poetry has never been a form that was highly connected to music. It has a kind of intellectual quality to it, the most recent published sample of which is available here at Negative Suck.

Of course, I didn't buy a lot of music before I graduated from high school, a combination of lack of money and parental restrictions (no rock music). Beyond that, my CD collection didn't start until 1992, a few years before I would purchase a CD player--I stuck with tapes until CD players got to be under fifty dollars. So this affects the years for which I have CDs. Also affecting the years from which I have CDs is that fact that I was a radio deejay in the mid-1990s, which means I was most familiar with music during this time, and I believe that is born out in the amount of minutes of CD listening time assigned per year in the following bar chart I'm about to render. Let's see:

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