Saturday, November 19, 2011

Floor Plans of Places I've Lived

I've recently been working on a story that involves much attention to the rooms of a house, which has gotten me thinking a bit about the floor plans of the places I've lived. So here that are, from oldest to most recent. The house I grew up in worked around in a circle of sorts. It's not quite to scale, as none of them are. My bedroom was the smallest, but its smallness here is a bit exaggerated by poor drawing.
The first apartment was pretty swanky, what with a wet bar. Unfortunately, I never stocked it. I was underage for much of the time I lived there and too poor for the rest. I kept motor oil and stuff like that behind the bar. Unfortunately, the place smelled of cats, a smell that never went away. It was located in a pretty nice part of town, not far from the south end of a fancy shopping district and from my job.
The second apartment was a weird one full of octagonal rooms, much smaller--the smallest place, in fact, that I've ever lived, though it's kitchen was more generous than any apartment I've had since.
The third apartment was pretty nice, though smaller than the first. It didn't really offer a place for dining, though.

The fourth apartment is more of a studio efficiency than anything else. Its main advantage is its location.

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