Saturday, June 18, 2011

Places Paint Is Wearing off My Car

The gray represents the places where the paint has worn to the second level--that is, the lacquer or whatever it is has pealed off, leaving the bare burgundy beneath. On the roof, what is still lacquered is so worn out, though, that it doesn't shine in the sun, not even after a washing--hence, those parts where the paint has worn off, right after a washing, actually look more shiny. A couple of tiny spots on the doors have gone to the gray base beneath.

I plan on keeping the car a while longer, so I'm weighing whether a paint job may actually be worth it, since the mileage isn't so high. I'm not even sure how much a paint job costs, but I figure it's ridiculously expensive. I saw some paint/body work done on a car when I was a teen, and it seemed like an incredible amount of work, such that I wasn't capable of it myself.

I notice a lot of other cars with a kind of paint fading that has taken place now. I guess it's to be expected in the South among older cars, especially when you have no garage and park outside day after day after day.


  1. Hm, well, how much longer would you keep your car? If you're planning on selling it later on, getting a paint job might help increase the vehicle's value.

    Tyra Shortino

  2. I had planned on keeping it for many, many more years--though not for resale, just to keep it till it runs into the dirt. Lately, though, since about August, I've had to get a lot of repairs, which have kind of depleted my car budget. I am considering doing the paint job myself if/when I move out of an apartment into a house, probably a year or two from now.

  3. I have the same problem as yours. I decided to paint my own car because my budget for car improvements went bust. :) Luckily, the do-it-yourself paint job went well since I helped my dad paint his car before.

    Stelle Courney

  4. Have you solved your paint job dilemma yet? I think doing the re-painting yourself is definitely a great way to save some money. If this is what you plan on doing, you may want to consult with an auto body repair shop as to what kind of car paint can save you the most money.

    Mickey Doshi