Saturday, December 14, 2013

Most E-mails Received by Person in 2013

I wanted to see how many e-mails I received in 2013. This doesn't include Facebook messages, which means some people are not here that probably should be. Still, it's been an interesting year insofar as I went from seeking and from dating around to having a girlfriend, and in part I was wondering how that impacted the messages I received and from whom. (A few years ago, I realized, too late, that one woman had been writing me for a long while and was probably interested--I didn't pick up on the hint soon enough and lost out to another guy.) This year, however, the larger numbers come mostly from women penpals overseas, people firmly established as friends, or from the gal who became my girlfriend, with only maybe a couple of other women I might have been able to date had I made such a move (and, in the latter case, mostly only in the first half of the year).
Or to see it in another way:

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