Saturday, February 2, 2013

Local Driving Trips

I was out with some friends just before Thanksgiving, and they brought up an interesting subject--namely, how often I drive outside of trips to church or the grocery store. I used to drive to work twice a week, but now that we're in a new office, I don't drive to work at all. This means that the car typically gets taken out only three times in two weeks: church on Sabbath and then, every other week, a trip to the grocery store. Most other things I can accomplish by walking, given enough time: most of my friends live close by and downtown is just a block away.

I wanted to see how often I drive outside of the two main destinations. As it turns out, not much--just one to two times a month. And here's what I drive to do:
The outer ring represents out-of-town stuff, the inner ring in-town stuff, with the in-town drives outnumbering the out-of-town drives by exactly one. Here's a breakdown month by month:

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