Saturday, March 31, 2012

Restaurants by Nationality of Cuisine

My favorite international cuisine is Indian, but I rarely have it. In fact, according to this chart, I haven't had it in the past two years. That's not true, though. The statistics for this chart are drawn from my budget statistics at home; when I'm on vacation, I don't keep track of expenses in the same way, and so that last time I ate Indian (last fall), I was not on my standard budget. Still, the chart makes some interesting points.

Outside of standard American grill and home cooking cuisine (American on the whole takes up nearly half the table), when I go out, I tend to eat most often Mexican (indeed, I love it) and Italian (though that's mostly pizza places).

High on the list here is also Thai and, among the American restaurants, vegetarian. That these show up so high is the result of my friends, who tend toward these cuisines, which shows also that much of my eating out is done for social reasons more than because of my love of any kind of food. Missing, in addition to Indian? Japanese--something I used to dabble in more regularly but for which I now lack the Japanese-food-loving friends.
And if you wish to engage in some international home cooking, you can check out some cool recipes at Cook Eat Delicious. Here's a great recipe for Szechuan green beans.

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