Saturday, December 10, 2011

Single versus Married Classmates

I went to a small high school and, as such, knew everyone in my graduating class. For a while after graduation, I even continued to know what was going on in most of their lives. But time passes, and people move away, and then I myself moved away. My knowledge of people faded.

And yet . . . Well, there's Facebook, and there are people who e-mail me out of nowhere, and some of them know what happened to some of the others, and somehow that keeps me somewhat in tune with what's happened the last twentysomething years.

Most of us have married, and lot of us have kids. I'm neither of those. I'm unusual, I guess, but just how much? Let's see:
I'm unusual, but apparently I'm not that unusual. There's a chunk of us who have never married, not once (the guys are a slight majority here). Of course, some of us might have live-in significant others, but I don't know anything about that in most cases. And some of us may have divorced, though I can only think of one I know for certain. And I can only list off a few who I know for certain have children, though I suspect many others do also.

Somehow, I suppose, I should take solace in the fact that there are other never marrieds still out there, but mostly I just think, Why didn't those folks ever marry? Some of them were/are certainly good prospects.

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