Saturday, October 15, 2011

Second Dates

So after a first date in August, while I was pondering whether there'd be a follow-up, I decided to go review how other first dates had gone and whether there had been follow-ups to those. I'd say my record is pretty good for women not of my religious faith, which is strange--I'd think second dates more likely if we actually share religion, but not the case. What I can say is that pretty much each set of repeated dates has led, ultimately, to a friendship. In fact, sometimes I have difficulty even thinking of these outings as dates, since it was clear we didn't have enough in common in terms of values to make a go at a relationship. But I guess the woman enjoyed my company enough that a mere friendship was fine. Here's the breakdown:

Nonchurch Second Dates
Shared-Faith Second Dates
The statistics grow slightly more interesting with third dates and with friendships developing. With nonchurch women, the level of interest and dropoff stays virtually the same, whereas with women of the same faith, pretty much the third date has been a given if I asked. Meanwhile, friendships with such women, even those who rejected further dates after the first date, stayed in place with about the same percentage as those not of the same faith.

Nonchurch Third Dates
Nonchurch Friendships Resulting Sometime after Second Date
Church Third Dates
Church Friendships Resulting Sometime after Second Date

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