Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pool Time

It's the middle of summer and the days are hot. In fact, summer seemed to have come this year, early in May, a month early (early, early, early). At one time, my apartment complex had a pool, but no longer. About seven years ago or so, it was filled in, apparently "unable to be updated to meet state regulations." I rarely used it anyway. I don't particularly find sitting in a pool fun. I wonder what to do, and I am self-conscious about the lack of dress. Still, in the middle of summer days like these, I find myself wishing I had access to the pool again. So I decided to take a survey of pools within close walking distance of me. There are only two that I know of, in hotels. Those two pools are outside and can be seen from the Google maps satellite image. But there are also a number of other hotels in the near distance and one time share, all of which I suspect have pools, even if those are indoors. So here it, the pools I know are there in blue, the pools I suspect are there in light with questions marks. Unless I want to rent a room, however, I'm out of luck about usage.

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