Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Reads Charts

I just discovered this fascinating tool on Good Reads. It tells me how many books I read (at least those that I acknowledged I read on GoodReads) by year, something I already know via other means. But it also tells me how many pages, which I wouldn't otherwise know. And it provides a scattershot graph of the years in which the works I read were originally published, which is really cool. So here are the number pages for 2009 and 2010, the sole lists that are complete:

And here's a snapshot of Good Reads wonderful scattershot diagram:

As expected, lots of stuff from around 2000, just before or after. But there's also a good deal of material from the mid-1900s and from the 1800s. The latter is the case because my reading list last years was in American naturalism. The year before, I did a reading list in legend and fantasy, which I guess a good deal of must have been from the mid-twentieth century. That's all I can figure.

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